Home made compost for your garden

Today we will prepare a home made soil enhancer. If you have flowers and other greens in your home or garden everyday household waste can become very handy in terms of fertiliser making. 

So let's start with a basic recipe. You need egg shells, dried banana peels and your morning coffee waste. Pre heat your oven to 200 degrees celcius and place egg shells on a tray. Let them sit in the oven for 15-20 to dry. Once shells are dried  place them in a blender and work until they are finely grind. Put them in a bowl and add apple vinegar. Vinegar and egg shells will get in a chemical reaction leaving only pure potassium. This will take around 15-20 minutes and you will observe the gas and hissing coming out the bowl slowing down and eventually stopping. Do not add vinegar directly to your flowers! Drain the remaining liquid and put aside. You may want to wash your coffee grounds and drain them to lower the PH of the mixture as we know most flowers don't like acidic soil. 

Once you are done with the egg shells place dried banana peels in the blender and work until they are coarser than egg shells in size. Now place your banana peels, egg shells and coffee grounds in a container large enough to hold them. If the mixture is still muddy leave the container open and let the excess water evaporate. Now you have a well balanced and totally organic fertiliser for your flowers. This mixture has enough potassium, calcium and nitrogen to make your plants happy. We should point out something critical. The amount of mixture you feed your plants or flowers is important. You should start with small doses and observe your plants' well-being. Adding more mixture than needed might hurt the plants. 

Rebel Beans is working on different types of composts for various applications in agriculture and horticulture industries with the coffee waste collected nationwide.