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Rebel Beans Cold Brew Coffee

Rebel Beans Cold Brew was established in a small Mediterranean village called Bodrum in southwest Turkey. When we started brewing coffee we were impatient to see the uses of waste coming out of the production. The amount of waste worried us in the beginning but we realised the more waste we have more good comes out of it. We worked with local farms in the village and used the coffee grounds as fertiliser and soil enhancer. After seeing incredible results in the farms we decided to go further with our waste management policy and spend more energy on sustainable production and waste collection.

Zero Waste Management

Since day-one we have been observing our production in terms of both energy consumption and waste created. Based on our calculations the amount of electricity required to brew a full batch of cold brew coffee (500 liters), filling and cooling combined is not more than fully charging 5 smartphone batteries. Other aspects of production such as packaging and waste also satisfies us as our glass bottles and aluminum caps can be recycled many times in their lifecycle if disposed properly. This is where you step in. We would like to create a society of eco friendly and conscious people educating each other about recycling and sustainability. We know that our efforts can make a change in very long run but if we come together and fight for the same cause we are sure the success will be ours in a short time. 

Only Netherlands consumes 90.000 tonnes of coffee each year (1) and only a small portion of this is recycled through different companies while the rest of the coffee grounds go to waste. We, Rebel Beans Cold Brew, are stepped in to collect as much waste possible from local cafes and offices but we need your help to collect more. Imagining one third of all coffee in Netherlands is consumed at home a little effort of yours may result in huge results. 

But what Rebel Beans will do with all that waste?

Netherlands is an agricultural country where innovations and technological advancements never stop. In this context we will work with Wageningen University and Research to see detailed chemical analysis of coffee waste and collaborate with related industries to put this waste in a good use.

From this day forward we make sure you hear about us and our goal to recycle coffee waste. As a first step we volunteered to collect Amsterdam Coffee Festival 's coffee waste in September 2020. We hope to see you there and meet you in person. Since then, you can always contact and share your ideas with us!

Take care and keep on recycling!

Team Rebel Beans