What is cold brew coffee?

Cold brew coffee is not something new yet getting popularity worldwide. It is possible to find in almost all 3rd wave coffee houses brewed from variety of coffee beans. The reason people prefer cold brew coffee is the wide range of taste possibilities. This is because production methods allow natural aromas of the beans extracted in your drink. There are two common methods used for making cold brew coffee.

What is immersion Cold Brew Coffee?

Principle behind it is steeping coffee in room temperature water for a long time. Depending on the recipe it may take between 16-14 hours. The recipe also decides if you will get concentrated or ready-to-drink coffee. First, the coffee is steeped in water then filtered and served. This technique is widely preferred by industry giants in USA because mass production of immersion cold brew coffee is easier and it doesn't require intensive care during brewing. 

What is drip Cold Brew Coffee

This technique is our favorite and also our expertise. Imagine a 3 flat building. At the top you will find water (in ice form or ambient temperature) below that is grind coffee beans and at the bottom there is an empty container for collecting for extracted coffee.

Water drips on coffee by using gravity and slowly soaked by coffee beans. Once the coffee is saturated with water it starts to extract all the aroma it has and move to the bottom of the container. Below container collects the extracted coffee and Voila! You have drip cold brew coffee (of course you will have to wait for at least 6-8 hours)!

There are couple of reasons we prefer this technique

  • You will get the aromas of you coffee beans more clear and more defined.
  • You will not need to filter your cold brew coffee because you don’t immerse them in water, all the residue will stuck at the filter at the bottom of container which holds your coffee grounds.
  • You can easily adjust your water intake in the beginning thus you know if you will get ready-to-drink cold brew coffee or a concentrate.